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2667 Bass Academy CRUNCH Sauce “Serious Bass Booster Juice”

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The new Bass Academy CRUNCH Sauce provides anglers with an arsenal of seriously effective bass-attracting scents. Add a few drops to your bags of soft plastics and let these scents work their magic! Scent will impregnate the lures with long-lasting effect. Bass will crush your baits and will hold on longer. You can actually feel them crunching down on your bait. Don’t just get bit… feel the CRUNCH! It’s the new Bass Academy CRUNCH Sauce, the “Bass Booster Juice” you can’t be without! Choose from six popular scents. Sold in convenient 4oz dropper bottles for ease of use.

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Bass CRUNCH it!!!!!!


This stuff is incredible. You CAN feel the bass biting down or "Crunching" on it! Im going to add this to my crappie tubes as well!!!!!!

Bass swim around with bait


No joke. I had bass swimming around with my lures. This stuff really works. Set the hook at your leisure because the bass ain't spitting your bait out anytime soon. I got the Craw flavor, but I'm going to try some of the other scents too.

a good marinade


Best way to get the most from this is to squirt some in your soft plastic bags, close them up tight and let them marinate for several weeks at least. The scent is strong and will be absorbed by your lures and last as long as your plastic lure lasts. Works really well - I'm impressed. The fish love this stuff.