6891 Lure Booster

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Designed to attract fish from long distances, deep in the water column, or in stained or muddy water, the Lurecraft Lure Booster Scent specializes in covering up human scent and other types of unnatural odors on your lures, silicone baits, metal jigs, and more! Simply apply the flavor scent stick to any bait to enhance its productivity with a proprietary blend of pheromones and amino acids that produces an enticing scent trail within your cast range and fishing depth.

The average covering power lasts about 20-30 minutes regardless of your cast count, and even though the smell isn’t overpowering, the unique blend of pheromones is what makes the Lurecraft Lure Booster Scent so effective at attracting fish. Available in a variety of scent flavors including UV glow for an added pop of flash in low light, the Lurecraft Lure Booster Scent comes in a convenient chapstick style cartridge that fits easily into your pocket so it’s always handy when it’s time for another boost of scent.

Keep in mind - these scents have Pheromones in them so the scent smell is not, and does not have to be, as strong as regular scents because the Pheromones is what will attract the fish.

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Very convenient - works good too


These are super convenient. I rub some scent on my topwater frogs so the fish will hold on a little longer before spitting them out. Works great, and I get a much better hook-up percentage (way better - it's not even close). I reapply every 20 casts for best results.