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  • 7030 LureCraft The Original Hand Poured "D" Darters (20pk)

7030 LureCraft The Original Hand Poured "D" Darters (20pk)


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Hand Poured Big D and Little D Baits.

LureCraft Original Darter, available in two sizes 3.5" or 4", 20 per pack. More than just a darter worm, the LureCraft Original Darter is highly effective for a number of different applications.  Built using super soft plastic, the LureCraft Original Darter delivers tremendous action with even the slightest movement of the rod tip.  It features a ribbed body with a flat diamond-shaped paddle tail that matches virtually any baitfish profile.  Available in a range of colors, the LureCraft Original Darter can be rigged on a variety of jig heads, drop shots, split shots, Texas-rigs, or Carolina-rigs, and is guaranteed to catch fish around the world. Sold 20 per pack.


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Amazing product


Was reluctant to try these, but boy was I glad I did! These lures are very soft and supple. I don't know what it is about the paddle tail, but it looks exactly like a minnow tail swimming behind the bait. Not an aggressive wiggle, but just a soft undulation that looks so realistic. Once bass grab these, they don't spit it out. I soak mine in scent, but not sure if I even need to. I have rigged this lure as a drop shot (it's neutrally bouyant), but also used it as a swim jig trailer and even texas rigged it with very good success. They don't last long, but boy do they ever work! My three biggest bass this past summer came on this lure.

One of the best lures I have used


I would give this 5 stars if it lasted longer. One or two fish and you have to change them out. Having said that, these baits flat out catch fish. Smallmouth, largemouth, walleye and pike can't leave them alone either. Fantastic lure, just wish it was more durable.