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6710 M-F Soft Plastic Liquid 2oz. Color

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M-F Liquid Color is a concentrated liquid specially formulated for coloring Liquid Plastic. Available in multiple colors, a 2oz. bottle is sufficient to color one gallon of Liquid Plastic.

Any M-F liquid color can be transparent depending the amount of colorant added while powders act as an effect additive. For best results add to Plastic before heating

Non bleed liquid colors can make laminants, tails or any part you want to use and not change either color while bleeder colors will bleed or may change the color of the layer, tail or any part of your baits.

Example; Strawberry with a white tail. The tail will start turning the tail pinkish from the red material used in the bleeder liquid color and can change as fast as overnight. Most transparent colors are transparent know matter how much color you add and are usually bleeders.

All non bleed color can be used in any way and not affect any part you your custom bait or component used. Any color can be somewhat transparent depending on the amount of liquid colorant used.

Additives such as PVC paint, scent, adhesive or any other brand plastic colorant may make a non-bleed color bleed.

See Specifications for Color Chart and M-F Color Codes

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Great for beginners like me.


Big Fan of these colors! I don't usually give 5 star reviews unless something exceeds my expectations, which these do. Just started making my own baits last year and I am already hooked on it, if you want to experiment I would buy this brand as it requires more drops per cup of plastic to get the desired color, which sounds bad at first but it means mixing colors is a much smoother process.