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6830 LureCraft Plastic Color

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$5.20 to $26.50

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LureCraft plastic coloring. Each 2oz standard liquid coloring will normally color one gallon of plastic. These colors are highly concentrated. Coloring must be mixed thoroughly for consistent results. Standard colors may be mixed with either hot or cold plastic. Fluorescent colors need to be mixed with room temperature plastic. Most non-fluorescent colors are made out of pigments which do not bleed.

The Lurecraft Plastic Coloring Pigment is made to work in conjunction with Lurecraft Soft Plastic Formula to give anglers the best materials for creating their own unique soft plastic lures.  It will also work with other plastics.  Featuring a highly concentrated formula, just a few drops go a long way so anglers can experiment with mixing different amounts of coloring pigment and produce totally unique colors. More coloring pigment will yield darker opaque colors while less will create more transparent colors. Available in a wide selection of fish catching colors, the Lurecraft Plastic Coloring Pigment is a must-have for anglers pouring their own custom baits at home.

With LureCraft being the oldest in the industry, some of these pigments were created in the 70's and 80's and although it may seem like there isn't much pure pigment in them they were formulated with the small bait maker in mind.  Straight pigment is too much for a couple ounces of plastic, however, the formula isn't made weak either.  Some pigments are a lot stronger than others so it doesn't take as much.  We still have customers making baits from recipes they developed 30 plus years ago so changing is not an option unless a pigment becomes discontinued.

All sizes over 4oz, Yorker caps are sold separately. See item number 6827.


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