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1584 Guppy-Spin Heads (5pk)


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$5.19 to $11.79

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Another exclusive top-producing spinnerbait! This bait features a realistic, detailed head design, Mustad UltraPoint hooks and 3-D molded eyes. Available unpainted or in a variety of great, metal flake color combinations. The light wire R-bend frame (.032) gives off extreme vibration. Choice of red or nickel hooks in select sizes. Our most popular spinnerbait head design.

Recommended eye size for unpainted Spinnerbait heads:
  • 1/8oz use 1/8" Eye
  • 1/4oz use 5/32" Eye
  • 3/8oz use 3/16" Eye
  • 1/2oz use 3/16" Eye
  • 3/4oz use 7/32" Eye
  • 1oz    use 7/32" Eye

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5 Pack

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Fish catching machine!


For whatever reason, this spinnerbait catches fish. I think the lighter wire allows blades to vibrate more. Seems to run perfectly balanced in the water and bass can't leave it alone. Only problem is wire wears out after a lot of fish, but that is a good problem to have.

Truly effective


Some baits look good and don't work. Some baits don't look like much and catch fish. This bait looks great, and works even better. Something to do with the extra vibration the wire delivers. The Guppy spins don't last forever, but they sure will give you your moneys worth. If you have not tried these baits, you are missing out.

Great Guppy Head!


If you use a trailer or a soft plastic on your spinner baits then the extra gripper on these heads does the trick. The colors are outstanding and the increase vibration during retrieve is due to the lighter wire. I have been making lures for over 45 years and always have used a lighter wire and the "Blakemore R bend" wire. Yes the lighter wire will bend more easily and can only take so many tune ups before it breaks. You would be better off fishing for a few trips and then cutting it off and using it for a chatterbait head or a swimming jig. I have finally found a company that will get me away from the labor of pouring lead and painting!!! Hopefully they will add an option for wire length on the 1/2 ounce and up lures.

A++++ spinnerbait!


I do love these heads!! Myself, and my customers have caught some big fish on them. I paint my own normally, but the pre pained heads I have gotten are top notch. I only use the 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4oz. The wire is a bit too light for me on the heavier heads.