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6855 LureCraft Plastic Formula 500 Extra Strength 1X500

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LureCraft Formula #500 plastic is an extra strength plastic. Formula 500 is great for Tubes, Pike / Muskie and Saltwater baits. LureCraft plastic is blended to reduce chemical odors and will provide you with an easy to work with Ultra Clear Soft Plastic Bait. Lurecraft Soft Plastic Formula is made to work in conjunction with Lurecraft Soft Plastic Molds and is perfect for anglers who want to build their own custom lures at a fraction of the cost of production lures. Made from the highest quality raw materials, Lurecraft Soft Plastic Formula is phthalate free and doesn’t use any cheaper fillers, which ensures a natural feel and superior action. It will also not turn yellow with age and will remain incredibly clear so you can pour large quantities of soft plastics and not worry about them degrading over time. It is able to absorb high temperatures before scorching better than any other soft plastic on the market as well. Available in multiple strength formulas to best suit each lure style and desired action, Lurecraft Soft Plastic Formula is the finest soft plastic on the market for pouring your own custom lures. Extra Strength – This type of plastic is formulated to provide a tougher plastic primarily for saltwater use. It features good hook holding ability while providing good action from the lure. Additional heat stabilizer in the plastic assures that baits hold their color during the heating process. This formula can be mixed with softener or the other formulas of plastic if a softer, more flexible plastic is desired. This formula can also be used when making tube jigs. Medium Strength – This is the type of plastic used by the largest manufacturers of plastic worms and other soft lures. This milky white liquid gels to a super soft, crystal clear plastic when heated to approximately 350 degrees. It floats! It has a natural feel and a natural action when molded into any type soft plastic lure. The superior strength of Lurecraft plastic holds a hook well. Excellent for stronger, more durable worms and is the best for harness worms. It can be mixed with the other formulas or additives to get the specific results for your baits. Maximum Flexibility - This formula of plastic is used predominately in the far western states and by others who demand an extremely flexible bait but with satisfactory hook holding ability. This formula gels at approximately 340 degrees and becomes crystal clear when left uncolored. It floats! Some anglers add plastic softener for even more flexibility.

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Great plastisol.


I use this saltwater plastisol to make 9-18” muskie baits. This stuff is tough, easily repairable and an all around top quality product. The plastisol reheats well and cures with a clean non greasy surface. Love it.