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BA341 Bass Academy 4.25” Jungle Bug (8pk)


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SKU: BA341
Sales Unit: 8 Pack


The Bass Academy Jungle Bug is a versatile creature bait designed for serious bass anglers. Loaded with flowing and flapping appendages, this lure is simply irresistible to bass. Perfect for your Tokyo rigs, Carolina rigs and Texas rigs, this lure can also be used as a jig trailer. Infused with our signature Crunch Sauce, the bass will not let go once they inhale this bait. These baits are not mass produced, but rather custom crafted by pro fishermen for pro fishermen. Bait measures 4 ¼" long.

8 Pack

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This BUG bags BIG BASS!


These "Bugs" have a great glide when you use a light weight and really penetrate thick cover when you peg a heavier weight. Great appendages make this an all around good lure to "flip" use on a carolina rig or as a jig trailer!

Good action


Don't be too quick to separate the appendages (which come attached together). Leaving them "as is" creates a very cool, undulating motion, allowing your bait to glide. It creates a more subtle action, and many times that is what triggers the fish. Good lure!