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The Optimum Opti Shad is a collaboration between Optimum Baits and Lucky Craft, combining the best attributes of the Lucky Craft Lipless Wander and the Optimum Double Diamond. Interweaving the action and esthetics of a proven hard bait with the performance and versatility of a proven soft bait has produced a lure that encompasses virtually every aspect of a real baitfish. While the unbridled action and intense vibration of the Optimum Double Diamond is often required, there are frequently just as many situations where a more natural and subtle presentation is also extremely beneficial. The lipless Wander was intentionally chosen because of its amazing horizontal fluttering action and unique rolling action, which in turn produces dramatic intermittent side flashes. What also separates the innovative Opti Shad from other soft swim baits is a minor expansion located in the middle of the lure. Unlike traditional shad tail style artificials the deepest part of the Opti Shad body is also the widest part of its body. This key formula ensures superior hydrodynamic performance in a multitude of applications as well as fluctuating retrieval speeds. As water flows past the lures sides the slight center bulge encourages an attractive body roll and at the same time water is directed down the tapered back to the tail causing a rhythmic kicking motion even when retrieved extra slowly. United, these naturalized actions perfectly capture the frantic and irregular behavior of a baitfish in distress. Part of the Mad Scientist series or baits, the Optimum Opti Shad is offered in 2 or 4-inch sizes and the deeper profile of both versions is ideal for duplicating wide bodied forage such as all species of pan fish and bass fry as well as herring, shad, shiners, alewife, and ciscos in fresh water or fluke, butterfish, spot, pin fish, peanut bunker, white perch, croakers and baby bluefish in salt water. 

Available in 2" to 5". 2" = 6 per pack, 4" = 5 per pack, 5" = 4 per pack.


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