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1611 Magnum 7" Silicone Material (10pk)

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Make your own muskie and pike skirts! Each strip (called a pad) is 7” long and ½” wide and is cut into nine 1/16” wide strands to better withstand battles with aggressive, toothy fish. Our skirt pads are made of high quality silicone rubber, precut and tabbed on each end for ease of use. They will not melt in your tackle box. Use 3-4 pads for a regular skirt and up to 5 for a full skirt. You can create multi-colored skirts and skirts with accents- colors you know catch fish! Use our rubber skirt collars or tie on with thread to complete skirt. Sold 10 pads per color per pack. Mix colors for quantity pricing. 

10 Pack
Silicone Skirt Material “Additional Information” or “Specifications”

7” Magnum Silicone Skirt Material Specifications:
Skirt Tab Length: 8” (7” after tips are cut off)
Skirt Tab Width: 1/2”
Strand Count per Tab: 8-9 strands
Individual Strand Width: approx. 1/16” (approximately .056”)
** Most Silicone Skirt Material is sold with 10 tabs (pads) per pack **

LurePartsOnline.com carries a wide range of silicone skirt material. Silicone is an ideal product for making fishing lure skirts as it is elastic, durable, and retains its color. Magnum material is often used on Musky Skirts or in saltwater applications. Silicone will not “melt” in your tackle box (like the traditional rubber skirts did) and will not react to or bleed out when in contact with soft plastic lures. This magnum 7” material comes in thick cut strips (often called tabs or pads) that are attached at both ends to ensure efficient skirt assembly. The tips, which hold the material together, are only cut off after the assembly is complete, allowing the skirt strands to spring free. Your skirt is now ready to fish!

Rubber collars are the most common way to “tie” skirts, however, some anglers prefer to tie skirts with thread where a tighter collar can be achieved with more flare. Rubber collars come in numerous styles, from simple bands to collars that have rattle holders. For assembly, you will need a device to stretch the collar open in order to insert your skirt material. We recommend the Lunker Skirt Collars for this material.

Skirts can be made with the desired “fullness” for your application. See the most common skirt types below. Of course, the sky is the limit when making your own skirts, and they can be customized down to the last strand! Tab colors can be mixed and matched to achieve the desired color pattern.

Standard Skirt:  +/- 35 strands (4 full tabs)
Medium Skirt: +/- 42 strands (5 full tabs)
Full Skirt: +/- 50 strands (6 full tabs)

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Thick strands hold up better


I use these for musky and pike skirts. The heavy cut holds up much better than regular silicone. Pike will eat a skirt in two bites, so why not make your skirts with material that hold up much better? If you are tired of replacing torn up skirts, try this stuff.