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6819 LureCraft StarDust Powder Paint 15X

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STARDUST is the hottest new paint product for your lures! These powders come in a wide variety of fish-catching colors. They are specially created with a unique plastic polymer to produce a rubber-like coating that not only looks good, but also protects your lures from wear and tear. This powder seals and waterproofs your lure, with the added benefit of being odorless and non-toxic.


STARDUST comes in five color categories. We have the standard Solid colors, but we also have Camo colors, Sparkle colors, Luminous colors and UV colors. Each has its ideal application, but we are especially excited about the use of the Camo colors on jigs, where a natural look is desired. Also available is a Crystal Clear Finish (312) to apply over your favorite color.


Best of all, STARDUST is easy to use! You can coat your jigs and lures at home, or you can coat them right there in your boat! Simply heat your jig and dip in the powder for 2 seconds. Reheat the powder so it melts to the lure, dip it in water (to cool it) and then shake for 20 seconds… BOOM! You are ready to catch fish on your new lure. The result is an extremely durable, flexible coating that will allow for hours of fishing. Try some today! You’ll never go back to regular paint.

When using glow and UV you must do a base coat in plain white Stardust for maximum effectiveness.

Want larger bulk weights, please call for a quote.



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Holy cow - this stuff is awesome! Love the new colors and the look and feel of the jigs when I am done. This powder is very easy to use and looks great when cured. Can't wait to try these colors out this spring!

Very good paint


Love this paint! Easy to use and comes in really cool color choices. A very nice finish & you can't really screw it up. Two thumbs up.

Long Lasting, Tough, Powder Paints


Super easy to use and when baked on it's some of the hardest longest lasting powder paints I've used!

new color options for jigs


The biggest positive for this paint is the offer of cool new colors. Powder painting is time consuming, but the results are good. Paint is super durable and some of the browns and green pumpkin colors are new shades unlike any other colors out there. We'll see if the bass like them as much as I do.

🤩 Great product, no cure, and extremely durability!


Would've gave it 5 stars but it wouldn't let me. I absolutely love this product! It's easy to use, no cure time in the oven, great colors, and extremely durable. If you'd like to watch some Stardust tutorials check out the videos on my YouTube channel Relapse Tackle.