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You’ve been waiting for it and it is finally here. In June of 2009 Chad Pipkens weighed in a scale-smashing 28lb bag of smallmouth bass at the Michigan Division BFL tournament on Burt & Mullet Lakes. What was the secret to his success? This tool right here. Affectionately, it is called “The Flogger” because by using it, you can put a flogging on the fish. Drop it in the water and get a clear picture of the bottom of the lake.

The revolutionary tool featured in Bass Master Magazine and on Mark Zona’s Ultimate Fishing Show, the LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer allows anglers a glimpse under the surface and eliminates the guesswork of deciphering the composition of the bottom. Ideally utilized in clear shallow waters, the LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer is an invaluable tool during spawn. No longer are you left guessing whether or not the dark spot in the water is a bed. Now, all you have to do is drop the LureCraft Flogger Underwater Viewer on top of the structure in question and take a look for yourself. 

The new Black color is here by demand. It eliminates glare and helps with image clarity.


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It really works!


Recommend one of these for every serious fisherman's boat. Makes seeing bottom clear. Ideal for scouting tournament spots. Thx

People will buy anything


It works best in clear shallow water where you can see the bottom without it, but doesn't work so well in deep or murky water. You pay $138 for something that works where you don't need it but doesn't work where you do need it. Hmmm.

Works as advertised


Helps see the bottom clearly. Doesn't work in deep water unless water is very clear, but works great in more shallow water. You can see everything!

Tournament won!


Helped me win a tournament last weekend. Found the fish and then caught the fish! Doesn't work in all situations, but I will always have one in my boat!

Big help!


This device works great for me. Love it and use it often.