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F9274 Tie Tray Streamside Designs

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CLOSEOUT SAVE 50%! Originally $25.00! The Streamside Tie Tray™ is a fly tying/organizer designed for tying flies at a fixed station, for travel tying, or organizing rod building supplies. It will hold most tying tools and materials for those tiers requiring a complete tying organizer. The Tie Tray™ design allows tying materials and tools to be staged conveniently close to the tying area without cluttering the immediate vise area. It can be used with both clamp-type and pedestal-type vises, and can fit into any travel case that can accommodate minimum measurements of 12" x 9W x 2-1?2." The Tie Tray™ is made of ABS plastic for high strength, lightness of weight, durability and chemical resistance. The ABS plastic also protects tying tools, and has a non-glare surface finish, which is easy on the eyes (perfect for fly tying). The Tie Tray™ is manufactured in the USA.


• Twelve thread holders to store spooled tying materials

• Two small trays to stage hooks, beads, eyes and other small loose tying material

• One large tray and one medium tray to stage larger hooks and other loose tying materials

• Two neck hackle storage slots keep necks organized and within reach (can also hold hair patches or bagged tying materials)

• Four holes for quilled turkey, goose or pheasant feathers

• Two head cement storage areas to accommodate both square or round bottles

• One storage hole to hold a dubbing wax dispenser

• One storage hole to hold a dubbing twister

• One dubbing holder (To store dubbing, press and rub it into holder teeth. When dubbing is needed just pull dubbing out of holder)

• Three storage areas for three sizes of hair stackers

• Nine storage slots for bags of dubbing material (or other bagged tying materials)

• 22 holes of four sizes to store individual fly tying tools

These were originally priced at $25.00.


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Not what I hoped


Not what I had hoped for. Been looking for a way to better organize, but this wasn't it for me. I didn't pay much so nothing lost, but I don't see working out. Where it holds the tools has everything too close for me so it is hard to grab the tools. I think here are parts of it that might work out, but had my expectations too high I guess.