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Lure buildings most popular tool. Use these Xuron pliers to help open split rings for hook assembly. One belongs in every tackle box and on every work bench. We carry two styles.

Economy - works best on larger rings.

Xuron (Deluxe) - This is a premium set of split ring pliers for fishing - the very best on the market. These fishing lure pliers work with all ring sizes and are especially helpful with those smaller rings most pliers can't handle.

We suggest the Economy pliers for those who only need to use the pliers from time to time on small projects. They work great.

If you will be using the split ring pliers often, we suggest the Xuron (Deluxe) pliers, as the work great and will last a lifetime. The right tool will make the job much easier!

LurePartsOnline.com, How to put a split ring on a blade Click to View


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Most excellent split ring pliers


I have used several brands of split ring pliers over the years. Just bought and used the Xuron split ring pliers. The Xuron split ring pliers are as good as advertised. Watch the LPO Youtube video on how to build the Jig Dancer bladed jig. These pliers open up the split ring wide and hold the split ring in place while sliding the split ring onto whatever you want it on.

Xuron is the way to go!


Have used both the economy pliers and the Xuron pliers. Both will do the job and work well. For limited use and small projects, save some money as the economy plies will work for what you need.

If you plan on using the pliers on a regular basis and for larger projects, save yourself the time and get the Xuron Pliers. Have used the Xuron Pliers almost daily for 7 years now and they work great! Easy on the hands and works with all sized split rings.

Xuron Pliers Are the Best!


I bought the Xuron split ring pliers a few years ago and never looked back. The cheap ones are OK if you only use them once in a while. But if you use them regularly, spend the extra cash and buy the Xuron. You won't be sorry. They work flawlessly and last for years and years.

Best Split Ring Pliers hands down!


The Xuron Split Ring Pliers are the last pliers you will buy (unless you loan them to a buddy). They work excellent with any size split ring, and make changing out trebles super easy. 5 star product for sure!