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1670 "Real Bait" Silicone Skirts (5pk)

SKU: 1670
Sales Unit: 5 Pack

These new skirts have been developed to mimic the color patterns of real baitfish. Life-like, natural presentations consistently produce fish! Made with the patented quick-skirt collar, these skirts slip on and off easily while maintaining their shape and flare. 14 eye popping real bait fish patterns to choose from.
5 Pack

Silicone Skirts “Additional Information” or “Specifications”

Silicone Skirt Material Specifications:

Skirt Overall Length: 5 ¼”

Skirt length when doubled over: Approx. 2 ½”

Approx. Strand Count per Skirt: 44 strands (standard skirt) to 60 strands (full skirt)

Individual Strand Width: 1/36” (approximately .028”)

** Most Silicone Skirts are sold with 5 skirts per pack **


LurePartsOnline.com carries a wide range of silicone skirts. Silicone is an ideal material for fishing lure skirts as it is elastic, durable, and retains its color. Silicone will not “melt” in your tackle box (like the traditional rubber skirts did) and will not react to or bleed out when in contact with soft plastic lures. These skirts come assembled and ready to slide on your lure or jig. Some silicone material features round strands, but most silicone is cut from a sheet in flat, narrow strips.

Silicone skirts are made using a variety of different “collars”, which are the bands that hold the strands together in the middle of the skirt. Standard skirts generally use the simple bands. However, there are bands that feature attachments that allow user to add one or two rattles to the skirt after it is assembled. These are sometimes called “rattle collars” or “mickey mouse” collars due to their shape. Rattles must be bought separately and attached after skirt is assembled on jig or lure. More recent collars include “pro-tie” collars that enable skirt material to “flare out” more and also allows the silicone colors to be intentionally separated and specific patterns to be maintained in the skirt. These collars can be made of rubber or silicone and generally have a larger center hole allowing skirt to slide on an off your lure more easily, without tearing up the skirt in the process.


How to choose your skirt (although most skirts work on most lures):

1.       Lure Type – make sure skirt is designed for your lure type (jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait etc)

2.       Collar Type – do you want to add rattles? Do you want extra flare? Do you want to change out skirts often?

3.       Skirt Color – choose a color that matches your jig or spinnerbait head. Choose a color that matches the type of forage your target fish are eating

4.       Skirt Fullness – some people like full, “bushy” skirts and some like them as “thin” as possible. Full skirts can be thinned out, but thin skirts can’t be added to very easily. Sometimes full skirts interfere with your plastic trailer’s action.

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Overall good silicone skirt


OK - so these don't look exactly like the "real bait" the name indicates. However, these are some really good skirts regardless. Even if the colors are exactly like real bait, they are for sure some really good patterns and you can't beat the look of the crappie and walleye colors. They just look great, especially under water. The pro collar makes these easy to slip onto your spinnerbaits too. Love 'em.

Easy on - easy off


These are the only kinds of skirts I use anymore. They slide on super easy and come off without falling apart. The collar lasts much longer than the traditional "rubber bands" and also keeps material flared out so bait works properly. Some colors way to gaudy for me. Need more subtle patterns for 5 stars.

Don't put skirt on backwards!


OK, so I put my skirts on upside-down (backwards) the first time and they didn't work so well. FYI, the collar protrudes out one way and is flush on the other side. Assemble your skirt so the flush side goes up against your bait. Otherwise it looks funny and doesn't function well. I learned the hard way. Get them on the lure correctly, which is easy f you know which side to slide hook thru.