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Lure Parts Online has a large selection of fishing lure stickers for you to dress up your spoons and spinner blades. We’ve been a trusted source of high-quality lure building supplies since 1992. Our fishing lure decals are perfect for fisherman looking to bring their lures back to life. Easily apply these premium bait stickers to brighten up your spoon blanks or spinner blades. We carry all the fishing lure decals you need to customize your tackle, with a full range of colors to choose from. Here at Lure Parts Online, we offer quick, safe and hassle-free ordering from the convenience of your home. We have a strong commitment to quality service and aim to be your one- stop shop for fishing lure supplies. Shop below for our fishing lure stickers for a variety of applications: spinner blades, spoons blanks, jig dancer blades, vibrating blanks and more!

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