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Get ready for the ice fishing season with ice jigs and ice fishing hooks from Lure Parts Online! We have been selling ice fishing tackle since 1992. Our warehouse is stocked with the highest quality items ready to ship right to your front door. Available in a range of styles, our ice fishing jigs and hooks offer the professional and amateur ice fisherman a chance to catch more fish.

Choose from our wide variety of ice fishing jigs: Micro Jigs, Ice Minnow Jigs, and Moon Glow Jigs, or from our selection of ice jig hooks: Aberdeen Lite Wire Hooks, Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Hooks and more. Make your own ice jigs with our ice blades. Here at Lure Parts Online, we offer quick, safe and hassle-free ordering from the convenience of your home! With a strong commitment to quality and service, we are aiming to become your one-stop-shop for ice tackle and ice fishing gear. Browse below and view our wide online selection of ice fishing jigs and hooks.

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