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2981 Dancer Jig Blade Stickers (24pk)

SKU: 2981
Sales Unit: 24 Pack

These stickers are designed to dress up your jig dancer “shaker” blades. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns. Waterproof adhesive will keep these decals on your blades even after seasons of fishing. The transparent stickers allow the blade color to shine through the tape, so you can add scale or tiger effects to your nickel and gold blades, as well as the painted ones. The sky is the limit! 24 stickers per pack.

24 Pack

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Great For Adding A Flash of Color!


I use these stickers a lot in brighter colors, when fishing stained water, to give the bait a bright flash of color. They go on easily and I have never had one come off, even after using a bait for two years and catching dozens of bass on it.

Doctor up your Chatter Bait Blades!


When I fish bladed jigs, I like bright colors and flash. These stickers add plenty of flash. I tried some of the new ones and there are lots of possibilities here. I can't wait to start mixing and matching blade colors with sticker patterns to see what I can come up with. I'll be ordering more soon. Thanks for adding these!

Good customizing option


I like to add subtle touches to my bladed jigs. These decals give me a lot of additional options. I like the transparent decals with patterns, because the color of the blade shows through, so you can add scales or tiger patterns to any color blade. I do a lot of mix and matching to find good combos. Warning - once decal is stuck on, it doesn't come off easy, so you can't really change your mind after you put it on.

Decals could be a tad smaller


I love doctoring my baits with these decals. Lots of possibilities. I wish they made the decals just a hair smaller as they are hard to get on straight every time. Once stuck, they don't come off, so you have to get it right the first time. I'm not very nimble with my thick fingers, so I have trouble with putting them on. But I love how they look!

Great product


Got a bunch, and placed them on the smaller blades. Hit the blades with a few coats of auto 2k, and they look great.

Wish LPO carried stickers for the larger sized blades.