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1686 Bass Academy Jig Skirts (5pk)


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SKU: 1686
Sales Unit: 5 Pack


NEW & IMPROVED! Check out our new line of hot color patterns in the Bass Academy series. We've added 16 Jig Skirt patterns (colors 30-45) and 16 hot Swim Jig Skirt patterns (colors 50-65). Premium silicone material in all the best color combinations. The jig skirts feature collars that allow you to add rattles if desired. Swim Jig patterns come with standard collars. 5 skirts per pack.

5 Pack

Silicone Skirts “Additional Information” or “Specifications”

Silicone Skirt Material Specifications:

Skirt Overall Length: 5 ¼”

Skirt length when doubled over: Approx. 2 ½”

Approx. Strand Count per Skirt: 44 strands (standard skirt) to 60 strands (full skirt)

Individual Strand Width: 1/36” (approximately .028”)

** Most Silicone Skirts are sold with 5 skirts per pack **


LurePartsOnline.com carries a wide range of silicone skirts. Silicone is an ideal material for fishing lure skirts as it is elastic, durable, and retains its color. Silicone will not “melt” in your tackle box (like the traditional rubber skirts did) and will not react to or bleed out when in contact with soft plastic lures. These skirts come assembled and ready to slide on your lure or jig. Some silicone material features round strands, but most silicone is cut from a sheet in flat, narrow strips.

Silicone skirts are made using a variety of different “collars”, which are the bands that hold the strands together in the middle of the skirt. Standard skirts generally use the simple bands. However, there are bands that feature attachments that allow user to add one or two rattles to the skirt after it is assembled. These are sometimes called “rattle collars” or “mickey mouse” collars due to their shape. Rattles must be bought separately and attached after skirt is assembled on jig or lure. More recent collars include “pro-tie” collars that enable skirt material to “flare out” more and also allows the silicone colors to be intentionally separated and specific patterns to be maintained in the skirt. These collars can be made of rubber or silicone and generally have a larger center hole allowing skirt to slide on an off your lure more easily, without tearing up the skirt in the process.


How to choose your skirt (although most skirts work on most lures):

1.       Lure Type – make sure skirt is designed for your lure type (jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait etc)

2.       Collar Type – do you want to add rattles? Do you want extra flare? Do you want to change out skirts often?

3.       Skirt Color – choose a color that matches your jig or spinnerbait head. Choose a color that matches the type of forage your target fish are eating

4.       Skirt Fullness – some people like full, “bushy” skirts and some like them as “thin” as possible. Full skirts can be thinned out, but thin skirts can’t be added to very easily. Sometimes full skirts interfere with your plastic trailer’s action.

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All the best patterns!


This is a great new line of skirts. If you fish swim jigs, then check out the color patterns. The jig skirts have the rattle holder collars, so I can add rattles to my baits super easy. The Ayu color is outstanding, as is the Midnight Blue Glimmer. My favorites.

Best perch pattern for spinnerbait


5 stars! The Fire Perch is my favorite skirt. Looks exactly like the perch from our lake. Pair this skirt with gold blades and fish will be jumping in the boat to nail your lure. OK, not quite, but if you get the perch color, you will see what I mean.

Top Notch Jig Skirts!


These are the finest jig skirts I have found. The color selection is outstanding. I really like the Black/Blue Glimmer and the Bruiser for stained lakes that I fish. And as another reviewer mentioned, the rattle collars make it super easy to add some noise to my bait with snap-in rattles!

My go-to skirts


These are now my go-to skirts. Love the colors and the quality is top notch. I got tired of tying my own, and now I don't have to. Great skirts. I use these with the Brush Puppy Jigs and result is devastating (for the fish).

#Best Jig Skirts


Hashtag - best skirts you can buy! Great colors, good quality, best price around. Load up my friends, while you can. These are the very best!

Best Bluegill color I've seen


Great colors - great skirt quality. Love the rattle collars as I sometimes use rattles. Bluegill color is dynamite for swim jigs - best I've seen. Love it!