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6866 LureCraft Green Plastic (550, 552, 556) 1X550H

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LureCraft Formula #550, #552 and #556 are custom blends for high volume manufacturers. Please call Kim at 800-546-8922 or email Lurecraftnerd@gmail.com for more information.

Why it’s the best!

  • It floats
  • Low odor low smoke
  • Phthalate Free
  • No cheap “fillers”
  • Will not yellow with age
  • Will tolerate high heat to reduce scorching
  • Has a natural feel that fish love

LureCraft plastic is blended to reduce chemical odors and will provide you with an easy to work with Ultra Clear Soft Plastic Bait. Works great with any silicone or aluminum mold for the angler who wants to save money or get a competitive edge making their own lures. Great those doing volume production.

Why it works well!

  • Remains incredibly clear so you can pour large quantities of soft plastics and not worry about them degrading over time.
  • Is able to absorb high temperatures before scorching better than any other soft plastic on the market.
  • Additional heat stabilizer in the plastic assures that baits hold their color during the heating process.
  • Can be mixed with softener or the other formulas of plastic if a softer, more flexible plastic is desired.
  • Gels at approximately 340 degrees and becomes crystal clear when left uncolored
  • Good hook holding ability

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Have used LureCraft for over 15 years!


Our business has had a working relationship with LureCraft for over 15 years. Kim and her crew have always been very responsive and helpful, whether it was getting something to us in a rush or sourcing new materials. They have a "partnership" mentality, recognizing that when they help businesses they work with grow it will help LureCraft grow. Even better is the reliability you get. Being a soft plastic bait manufacturer our efficiency and profitability relies on raw materials that are high quality and consistent. LureCraft has provided that to us.

This plastic has made my business what is it today!


I would like for everyone to know that I have been using Lure Craft 502 Medium Soft floating plastics for over 3 years now. This plastic has made my business what is it today. The plastic is tough and durable, but not to stiff and allows my baits to flow through the water giving them more action to attract more fish. I average roughly 200 gallons per year and that will soon be increasing and Kim is the person I will be calling to place my order with. If you are on the fence and what plastic to use, you need to give Lure Craft a "shot".