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1836 SDG Custom LureCraft Bladed Frenzy Double Rattle Vibrating Jig

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The SDG Custom LureCraft Bladed Frenzy is NOT your grandma’s chatterbait(c)! Start a feeding “Frenzy” this with custom design complete with double-rattle and added flashabou! 

The SDG Custom LureCraft line of bladed jigs go by the name Bladed Frenzies! Between the hunting action that comes from the split ring blade connection, to the double-rattles attached to the center of the jig for maximum volume as the jig shakes, to the added flash of the flashabou tied in with the silicon – these bladed jigs are ALL action and sure to create a feeding “Frenzy” when you throw them near some hungry bass! 

The Wenderful is named after my lovely wife, Wendy (who picked up the nickname Wenderful because…. well, she’s Wendy and she’s Wonderful!).  When I thought about naming a Bladed Frenzy after her it was an obvious choice:  Chartreuse SEXY shad! 

The T-O-Double-D is named after a good friend, Todd Dillon.  T-O-Double-D loves him a shad pattern as he frequently visits the tailwaters of a dam near his house, looking for big smallies and giant hybrids – his biggest of which tipped the sales at 12lbs! 

The Feldafire is named after yours truly, Adam Felder, Owner/Operator of SDG. Somewhere in my early teen years my friends decided “Feldafire” was a fun nickname and it stuck. When I thought about a pattern for “my” Bladed Frenzy I wanted a spin-off of Green Pumpkin/Pearl as I love that combo. I also wanted to integrate an unexpected twist, which I did with a side-highlight of copper. 

This bladed jig features a 1/2oz Trokar Pro Swimjig head powder coated white/watermelon, finished with a UV clear coat, and cured for added durability as well as a 5/o hook. The 3-D eyes are glued in place and sealed and the blade is also powder coated, finished with UV clear coat, and cured for durability. The body features 2 rattles and the silicon pattern pictured. The silicon is hand-tied to the jig using strong 210 denier flax wax nylon thread that is sealed once the tying is complete. 

See the video below on how this jig is made!

Why call a custom lure company “Soli Deo Gloria” (SDG) Custom LureCraft?  Because living “For God’s Glory Alone” is the highest aim of anyone’s life. 



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